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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Why wont she just eat?!

Im quite exhausted tonight and DD is sitting happily on the floor playing with a DVD case. Im here wondering why she's so happy as she hasnt eaten as she normally would all day. She's wasted so much food. Did I hear you say welcome to Motherhood?

She has probably eaten enough but as usual Im worried. I hope she'll sleep well and not wake up hungry as Im off to work at 8 am. Plus, DH has a very important meeting tomorrow so we cant afford for her to wake at night hungry.

I've been working hard today on a complimentary line to our chocolates launching early next year. There has been a lot of calculations to do and thinking of adequate funding.

DD is watching Franny's feet on Playhouse Disney sucking happily from her cup of water. Wish me luck!

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  1. I know just how you feel, my daughter rarely eats! We are currently seeing a speech therapist and dietician in the hope that one day she might eat something. She had in the past few weeks just started to feed herself (18 mths) but she now has a cold and has gone back to refusing all food - despite sleeping through since 8wks she is now waking in the night demanding a feed - we are shattered. Good luck but you're not alone.


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