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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Personalised Chocolates? - Nah! not my thing

What I enjoyed most this Xmas was the variety of orders we had. We had an autographed wrapper.

 Name card chocolates

business card chocolates

and photo chocolates

It was a lot of fun helping to design these orders. I had a lot of people send in their own designs especially kids! Even better was the feedback that came in when people received their orders. It's very fulfilling helping others create their dream chocolate gift. What is your dream chocolate gift design?

So you may ask how do I design my own wrapper? Simple. Open a new word document and add some shapes, colours and a message. If you'd like to autograph it, print it out and sign on it then run it through a scanner et voila! Btw, that's our French Word of the Day;) Hope you caught it!

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