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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Posh's Savoury Chocolate Cravings

I've just read about Posh asking David to pick her up five bags of salted chocolate caramels after dining at Gordon Ramsay's. The Daily Mirror says she can't get enough of the Salty chocolate balls. It's interesting that she would eat these but gets into a panic thinking of eating turkey and trimmings. I figure she must have her calorie requirements worked out perfectly. If I had people waiting on me hand and foot as well as on my family members I'd probably be thinking of my calories. In which case, savoury chocolate balls might fit the bill. However, as I never know from day to day what sort of dive I'm going to have to make so that DD doesn't land in the Casualty ward or how many different meals I will have to cook her so she can at least have something in her tummy, I stick with the sort of calories turkey and trimmings give. And as I am face to face with chocolate everyday, I don't get to send the Husband for some, I simply unwrap one for the extra calories I always need. Oh for the Posh life! Thankful for the personalised chocolates life!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Meilleurs Voeux

I've just been reading about the various uses of the above phrase which basically means best wishes. This is one of the many ways to say Merry Xmas or Happy New Year. You could sign a card by writing:

Meilleurs Voeux pour l'annee 2010, Suzie

Or say Je vous souhaite mes meilleurs voeux pour l'annee 2010.

Personally, I would say Joyeux Noel which means Merry Xmas or Bonne Annee - Happy New Year.

Other ways in which the phrase can be used are in letters to close the correspondence, so one could say:

Veuillez accepter mes meilleurs voeux or as a get well message Meilleurs voeux de prompt retablissement

How have you wished others Merry Xmas or Happy New Year using a different expression this year? Please share it with us.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Why wont she just eat?!

Im quite exhausted tonight and DD is sitting happily on the floor playing with a DVD case. Im here wondering why she's so happy as she hasnt eaten as she normally would all day. She's wasted so much food. Did I hear you say welcome to Motherhood?

She has probably eaten enough but as usual Im worried. I hope she'll sleep well and not wake up hungry as Im off to work at 8 am. Plus, DH has a very important meeting tomorrow so we cant afford for her to wake at night hungry.

I've been working hard today on a complimentary line to our chocolates launching early next year. There has been a lot of calculations to do and thinking of adequate funding.

DD is watching Franny's feet on Playhouse Disney sucking happily from her cup of water. Wish me luck!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Personalised Chocolates? - Nah! not my thing

What I enjoyed most this Xmas was the variety of orders we had. We had an autographed wrapper.

 Name card chocolates

business card chocolates

and photo chocolates

It was a lot of fun helping to design these orders. I had a lot of people send in their own designs especially kids! Even better was the feedback that came in when people received their orders. It's very fulfilling helping others create their dream chocolate gift. What is your dream chocolate gift design?

So you may ask how do I design my own wrapper? Simple. Open a new word document and add some shapes, colours and a message. If you'd like to autograph it, print it out and sign on it then run it through a scanner et voila! Btw, that's our French Word of the Day;) Hope you caught it!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Everything you need to know about ordering personalised chocolate favours

You will either be asked about where and how to order chocolate favours or need some at a point. Whatever it is, this information will come in more than handy one day soon!  

1) Budget: How much do you plan to spend? How many guests will you have? How much are you willing to spend?

Now, please halt for a moment. Read the other points below then come back to point 1. Can you afford what you are after? Where can you cut costs to afford what you are after? Reduce quantity per head? Is the supplier willing to hold the offer for you till when you need them? If you buy now, will the favours still be in their best condition when you need them?

2) Type: What sort of favours are you planning to get? Dragees? Mints? Chocolates?  

3) Presentation: Will your favours be scattered over the table or will you put them in boxes? Or would you rather they are presented as name cards or menu cards? Better yet, would you like to give a fore-taste of the event by sending them out as a Save the Date or Invitation Card?  

4) Theme: Do you plan to let your favours match the theme of the event or party? Will you match the colour scheme, your flowers or the ambience theme - Rock n Roll, Hawaiian, Heart shapes? 

Did I miss out anything? If you've ordered favours for an event what, in your opinion, is another critical consideration?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

12 days of Xmas


We've just launched our BT Tradespace shop and to promote it we are doing a Xmas Advent give-away! Simply keep up to date with our Tradespace News Posts from December 12 till Xmas Eve to save on essential personalised chocolate needs in 2010.

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