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Monday, 28 December 2009

Meilleurs Voeux

I've just been reading about the various uses of the above phrase which basically means best wishes. This is one of the many ways to say Merry Xmas or Happy New Year. You could sign a card by writing:

Meilleurs Voeux pour l'annee 2010, Suzie

Or say Je vous souhaite mes meilleurs voeux pour l'annee 2010.

Personally, I would say Joyeux Noel which means Merry Xmas or Bonne Annee - Happy New Year.

Other ways in which the phrase can be used are in letters to close the correspondence, so one could say:

Veuillez accepter mes meilleurs voeux or as a get well message Meilleurs voeux de prompt retablissement

How have you wished others Merry Xmas or Happy New Year using a different expression this year? Please share it with us.

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