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Thursday, 3 September 2009

World Chocolate Day Competition II

To win your favourite box of chocolates, simply have a look at the shortlisted chocolates below and pick your favourite. Then, leave a comment saying which is your favourite.

The winner will be the first person to have chosen the most popular favourite chocolate. So get all your friends to enter your favourite chocolate on here. Just make sure you're the first to pick it as a favourite. The 2nd & 3rd most popular chocolates' lead-voters will receive chocolate gift vouchers.

So here's the list:

Cadburys Milk Buttons
Cadburys White Buttons
Cadburys Dairy Milk Giant Buttons
Curly Wurly Squirlies Bags
Maltesers, White
M & Ms - (Peanut)
Mars Planets Bags
Rolos Revels Smarties

To enter the competition you must be
1) Resident in the UK
2) Subscribed to our blog - to ensure you are contacted when you win!

Go ahead! We're eager to know.

Competition ends September 11 at midnight. Results will be released September 12.


  1. I don't like competitions, but I just could not resist!

    M & Ms - (Peanut) is my favourite - simply because I think they are healthy and good for me. Nuts are full of protein, and the chocolate are full of minerals etc

  2. Cadburys Dairy Milk GIANT buttons - Love them!! but have to eat them 2 at a time! LOL

  3. Oh white maltesers! Definitely - white chocolate is always a winner as far as I am concerned!

  4. Darn you Soph4soph I wanted to say Giant chocolate buttons... OK I will go for standard buttons.... humph!

  5. Cadbury's White Chocolate buttons - yummy!

  6. Any of those are totally divine but my all time fav is Maltesers.

  7. None of the above!
    Dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa is my favourite :-)
    Well may be the odd truffle !

  8. of the list, maltesers...but dark chocolate by far my fave!!

  9. Yay! We have a winner!!!!! It's Helen@The Beading Lady.Sorry I didn't announce as promised on the 11th!

  10. Our runners-up are Soph4Soph and Samantha Jones Photography who will receive vouchers.

  11. Omg I've just seen this!
    Wow, sorry that I haven't been back sooner ~ rough week.
    You have totally made me day/week/month!

    Thank you :-)

    What do I do next ?


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