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Friday, 17 July 2009

Graduate Fairs & Favours

It's been 3 years since my husband graduated from Uni but I still stumble on some of the freebies he picked up from various companies at Graduate Fairs. I have often seen an interesting company name and searched for it on the net wondering what they do. In fact, I have signed up for one newsletter or the other on those sites. Ive also pondered seriously if I should have studied Mechanical Engineering instead of French, taking not only my recently discovered technical flair into consideration but also the stress ball in my hand branded with a mechanical engineering firm's logo. He has since joined a world class firm whose stand I had the privilege of visiting with him at one of those fairs.

Indeed some of those freebies didn't last very long or even make it home from the Fair such as the chocolate. Do I remember those companies? Yes. Actually, they were the first ones whose websites I visited on getting home. It's easier for students to build rapport at the stands where they keep returning for chocolate. They also get the opportunity to find out about your organisation especially if you're new to Graduate Recruitment. Word goes around quicker about the company that has chocolates than those who go through the same old motions. Remember, there's something about chocolate that makes everyone relax so be sure to have some at your stand at the coming Fairs.

Have a look at for inspiration or if you have something in mind already email us now -

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